Anti Slavery art exhibition in Plaistow

So exhausted; you’d think I’d curated the art exhibition at the Memorial Hall in Barking Road, Plaistow. Was an excellent evening as the launch to the exhibition about the horrors and impact of slavery and human trafficking TODAY. Not only is the art work stunning but its lay-out up the stairs to the fabulous belfry with its own bell history is unique.

We met artists and journalists and preachers and samosas. We drank wine and words and apple juice too. And now we go spread the word about this nasty nasty crime against people, this abhorrent sore in civilised society. Every time I slice a cucumber I wonder about the conditions of the immigrant pickers. That’s when life stinks.

What an idea though to push home the scourge of sex slavery through art in any media,

What a success. Chris Simpson the curator did it. Bravo.asena

There was a fight on the bus today. A woman told another woman to sit her child on her lap. Boy oh boy. The verbals ensued and men got involved. They insinuated that the first woman was mad.

What a world we live in.



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