Oh my Gawd

What a day! Does anyone really enjoy textile trade fairs?

Moving on.

This is how community engagement works. Yes. Let’s do that project. Got the funding. Let’s put out the advert. Done.

We attended three events today and of those we participated in one.

The Claremont Project in Islington pulled out all the stops for the opening evening of “Chapel”, an high-class photographic exhibition with the traders in Chapel Market, Islington as inspiration. Superb. Adjacent to it , up the stairs and in the corridor, is the under-played exhibition of prose, poetry and art submitted by Claremont members and fans who had drawn on their memories of the market. Really two launch nights would have been fairer.

You cannot put an artist’s work next to a scruffy overloaded notice-board. It’s like showing a stranger into your drawing room and not tidying up first.

Today I listened to the positive brigade talking about how hard project leaders/interns/whatevers work. Mmm. They’re on a mission. Sure they’re doing a job to engage the community so,… they should do it properly. Let me,  the participant, at least feel that you prepared the session. I got my eyes on you.

What a day with women sharing rolls and boiled eggs, tea and milk. It was pelting down and there was the New Hanbury Project filling our flasks for us. Next along the road at dark 3pm the chicken-shop man treated us simply because we came from ‘his manor’.

We participated in one project today and gawped in two others.

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