Typical Up Your Street day

LB Seniors 1

10.30 Meet Leyton Station

11.00 Arrive St Paul’s for a talk in the crypt all about John Donne.

12.30 Off to Bank Station to get to West Silvertown DLR

13.00 Picnic in Lyle Park  E16

14.00 back to DLR and to Woolwich Arsenal to explore posh Arsenal, barracks and market. Comfort beak at Woolwich Leisure Centre using our Better memberships.

16.00 Cuppa tea in a café.

17.00-18.00 Back on DLR  in the dark. One hour of exploring stations new to us.

18.00 to 18.30 Get to Russell St/Euston

18.30- 20.00 British Museum for “MING, 50 years that changed history.” Tickets courtesy of Claremont Project Islington.

20.00  Bus back to Leyton, chaperoning each other because of recent street attacks.


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