What a stooopid waste of time is the Sainsbury Christmas advert linked to the First World War. Chumpy boys with too long hair and no moustaches.  And then the glory that is “War Horse” comes on telly next week. Groan

By the end of last week I was fed up with Black History Month, World War One and London Docks. Yes I was. It’s all still dragging on though. I mean I shudder and talk to the telly when it’s announced that some big famous white actor is about to read so and so’s war poems. It’s always in that earnest right-on poetry don’t forget the pregnant pauses voice. Unbearable and I search for “Family Guy”. Then Black History Month. Yuh. Let’s call it “Hairitage” and explore black people’s views on their hair and the politics about their hair. I shake my gory locks. And London Docks as you were, your heritage and your legacy; I am saturated by your exalted rivers.

It’s  as if every drop of every facet of every topic is being juiced up and poured out and we’re running dry. It’s the fault of the Heritage Lottery Fund supporting one innovative project and then having to support the copy-cats. There’s an heritage project or workshop on every high street but who really is making sure they’re worthy. Who’s inspecting the fly-by-nights? the pop-ups? the drop-ins run by rich white kids called interns?

Those who devise special month titles and special named days are overloading community engagement management teams  who are  unable already to gather audiences. Everything on offer is “same as”. For example, let’s count the number of oral history projects, the seminars on reasons to be cheerful are none, the local archive search days, the Windrush whatevers. Let’s not do stuff to death.


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