A question of care.

That someone who was never shown love could grow up to give love is amazing.

I met Alex Wheatle  at the Idea Store Whitechapel where I’d booked to hear him do a platform debate about diversity or rather no diversity in publishing in the UK. I saw him in the corridor and felt comfortable enough to go up and take a hug. My companion thought I was brave and expert at networking. Not me. Like my grandson I stand back if I get a bad vibe.

I just watched on Twitter the interview he gave on Channel 4 about his miserable young days in Lambeth Care.

It sparks a long-held motto of mine that if you feel it ain’t right then you’re probably right. Last year I visited a children’s nursery and just wanted to carry off those kiddies. One miserable cow was feeding the children in silence. One child ate at a time and the others had to sit in silence in the horseshoe around the bitch’s feet. She couldn’t even look up to say hello to me a prospective customer. What wasn’t taught to those kiddies then?

Got in and googled for the OFSTED report. One singular inspector went in on a pre-arranged time of course. Dandy report ticking all the boxes and giving a “good”. I opened my own pop-up nursery.

Someone else was with me at the time and phew! had the same reaction as myself. To calm ourselves we agreed that the sour- looking mothers who went into the building to drop off their babies probably saw nothing wrong with kiddies being silent and passive especially in front of Mr Maker on a small DVD machine.

Whilst there, there was a ring at the bell and a man was allowed to go upstairs with no questions asked and see some worker. The nursery is a three bedroomed house in E10 obviously granted a licence by the Council. Yep I could name names but I need proof.

There’s another nursery in E10 run by nuns. Don’t get me started.


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