Christmas Dinner at Leyton Technical

Leyton Technical, the place to be, the pub to frequent , a part of Leyton Village (I know) put out a Tweet asking if anyone knew of any OAPs who would like a free Christmas lunch. Funny way to invite. The Borough Council has just fed its seniors on a first come first served basis and of course not everyone got a place and not everyone was a resident of the borough either but it seems no-one checked. Many seniors will not respond to a free dinner given by do-gooders because it’s an insult and degrading. Others just enjoy good company and a place at someone’ else’s table. Myself, I love roast potatoes.

So a bunch of seniors of whom most enjoyed the Borough’s meal last week got to know their own backyard by attending the Christmas Lunch at aforesaid pub.

It was fabulous. The service was supreme and the food never-ending. Entertainment came by way of a harp-player stroking out tunes. When the last mince-pie had been scoffed then some seniors went next door into the community tea dance. Now that event wasn’t even advertised. It was a fiver. The tea dance set-up is a left over thing from the Leyton Community Association, now defunct. You need to be in its followers’ inner circle to know what’s what and definitely never expect an email shot. Community, my eye!

I never wanted that free meal and wasn’t even there. Some texting women sent me messages and photos from inside the building whilst awaiting the turkey and trimmings. The Halal turkey never transpired. Where are we?


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