Project Proposal: Good Example

Performance Art Lab

The following is an example of a good project proposal. Some of the strengths include: well-organized paragraphs, conceptually creative and supported choices,  logistical foresight, clarity in communicating project purpose, awareness of its situation in contemporary performance, and ambition. Micro/Macro-Performance

Performance art is often created according to a human scale since it is based upon the body/bodies of the performer.  The performer moves his body around a space; she engages with the audience’s bodies; the performance is documented by another person using a manageable hand-held camera; etc.  I am interested in exploring avenues of performance art that are habitually passed over because of issues of scale.  I propose to create two performances: one that explores performance on a small scale and another that creates a mega-scale performance.

I will reserve a classroom in Columbine specifically for my performance.  The room will be darkened for visitors as they enter.  Inside the room…

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