It was too cold today to remove my gloves, manage the audio tape, perch on my headphones and take photos on my mobile. So I didn’t. I listened to every word George the ranger said on the heritage walk at Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets…..not Hackney. That’s so last century. See libraries in Tower Hamlets are re-branded as Idea Stores and then see heritage walks are ‘memoryscapes’. Quaint eh? In my garden I have a thirty year old horse chestnut tree grown from a conker left over from the pile fed to the Victoria Park deer when the Park was just a normal run around dishevelled dried up pond ‘Ackney park.

Actually today was more about celebrating changes and learning about the money spent. It was busy. There were toddlers without gloves, doggies in waistcoats, runners in groups, poached egg eaters in the Pavilion and us walkers with our George.

For two hours we strolled quickly by the follies, the bandstand, the ruined grass abandoned by “Winterville”, the gaudy Pagoda, the sparkling clean ducks, the bird-eaten fibre statues and the double-parked narrow-boats down in Regents Canal. How did the council allow that? Imagine being in your bed on a Sunday morning and seeing traipsing Memoryscape walker’s feet passing by your bedroom window. When I say ‘bedroom’…

Twas brillig, freezing and exhilarating.  Twas bloomin’ free.


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