No bus no loss

Thought I’d check out the venue I’m visiting shortly.

“At the heart of its programme is a remit to commission new work, supporting artists from project inception to realisation and representing an inspiring and challenging range of voices, nationalities and art forms”.

You see this is the kind of description that may suit funders but is off-putting for the masses who never set foot inside a new gallery, a pop-up, or something arty without royal patronage. I have to believe it’s a way of keeping out the ones those galleries don’t want to attract. It almost succeeds except there are apparently benevolent  organisations introducing people to new art forms in their local habitats. The intern-organised visit to the place of art is a way of engaging somehow deprived people from local neighbourhoods in order to build artificial communities and lift the common  lot up from the doldrums of poverty. Tis true I tell you.

The problem is that those with Freedom Passes are quick to see through all of that and when it comes to a bus strike and they can’t get to the venue they feel no loss. They are neither lifted up nor let down. Around the corner in another paint-splashed warehouse  full of art from nowhere and flyers trumpeting  the same eye-swirling words .


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