Litter: Accidental Installations

I’m going to run an art and community workshop-based course entitled “Litter: Accidental Installations.” I shall outline the details to known funders  but I doubt if the participants need to know more than what’s on the one flyer I’ll send to online newsletters.

Using oral history techniques and reminiscence sessions with up to twenty participants drawn from community hubs in the neighbourhood and by using guided online research I shall demonstrate how litter uses the cityscape as a background to accidentally-formed art installations. As litter is iconic in structure and form and represents our diverse urban populations we shall explore our shared heritage. We shall examine how littered packaging reflects the world in which we live e.g. how the moulded peach packet is a representation of the undulating sea waves around our islands, how  Coca-Cola tins, massed against concrete habitats, shape-shifting once into triangular prisms and then into rows of random red and silver tubular forms  are a reminder  of our globalist consumptions, of where we live in urban squares surrounded by other art structures and designs. At the end of the three ninety minute sessions spread over three months the participants will have a clearer appreciation of how the mounds of windswept litter, abandoned by the rubbish trucks, are in fact works of art. Accidental Installations.


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