M is for missed opportunity

A is for acid in your face                                                          A is for aerobics

B is for #bringbackourgirls                                                    B is for ‘Bums and Thighs’

C is for clitoridectomy                                                             C is for cake-decorating

D is domestic workers as slaves                                             D is for diet

E is for educationally deprived                                              E is for ‘re we go again

F is for FGM                                                                               F is for free activities

G is for girls lack value                                                             G is for ‘girl power’

H is for herstory                                                                        H is for half-hearted

I is for  International Women’s Day                             I is for issues we never discuss

J is for  jobs with poor pay.                                                      J is for ‘just for today’

K is for  kicking down barriers                                               K is for Keep Fit

L is for  legalised  child-marriage                                          L is for library events

M is for the status of motherhood                                        M is for ‘Mothers and Make-Up’

N is for neglected                                                                      N is for Nappucino

O is for  on-going prejudice.                                                   O is for opportunity lost

P is for psychological damage                                               P is for pink

Q is for  quietened voices                                                      Q is for quasi-feminists

R is for rapes rising                                                                 R is for Reflexology

S is for sexual assaults against us                                        S is for scissor jumps

T is for tortured women                                                        T is for free Tai Chi

U is for unsafe childbirth                                                      U is for the usual tripe

V is for victims of gender abuse                                           V is for Vajazzle

W is for wombhood                                                                W is for Women’s History Month,

X for the double chromosome                                              X is for NIMN

Y is for non- equal opportunity                                             Y is for yet more tokenism

Z is for Zumba                                                                           Z is for Zumba

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