Elvis, Penguins, Russians in violins and POSH Club

posh 1       posh 2

Was overwhelmed today with the brilliant POSH Club in Hackney, for seniors. full of class and what’s right in terms of welcoming seniors, mollycoddling them, pouring out the tea  and entertaining them. Without a doubt it is the best community engagement project for kilometres. I like prompt and courteous action, being visible, and value for money . It is all there.

We had to dress posh so as I hobbled to the bus in the last spike of winter sun at three o’clock with a sore blister marking my new dance shoes I was a tad sad because Elvis never made a fuss of me. Probably because I’m his size and his generation went for little uns as partners. That impersonating Elvis we enjoyed today is the greatest of all the fakes. The ladies just adored him and Danny from Hackney Wick gyrated his hips in time to Pelvis’.

As soon as we were in the door, the table attendants swooped on us and took our coats to the hangers. We were served tea and coffee immediately at the tea table in the glory of china tea plates and silver cutlery. All our eyes were bigger than our bellies: We managed to wolf down the freshest sandwiches ever and shared the refilled cake stands of  Battenberg, scones, Bakewell tarts and madeira. Good old-fashioned madeira. We had free rafflles and a Russian Kilburn violinist,  a tap-dancing penguin and champagne.posh 3

Duckie of London runs the POSH Club extremely well and generously. You have to book and you have to pay  three quid. It’s Lottery-funded and warm-heartedly run.

POSH Club, consider yourself applauded well by Up Your Street.posh 4

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