1st Feb 2015


Like many other Moslems and non-Moslems I am not obliged to wear an hijab. Today I donned one and it took me less than a minute to hide my hair. I felt nothing special. It was just like putting on a new bra or a scarf around my neck.  I thought about all the pashminas I could convert to hijabs. There was the slight weight that made me lower my head automatically which was neither here nor there and of course the slight restriction in sideways head turns. The hijab isn’t a religious uniform. According to young women on the World Hijab Day Facebook pages their hijabs make them feel free to be themselves and to show their inner beauty.

Sounds like a Silvikren advert.silvikrin

Women thought corsets were here to stay: thought their backs would collapse if they abandoned them. Housewives felt wrong not wearing them. They never wanted to feel immodest. Men expected their mothers and wives to wear them. It was men owning the  corset companies of course, making the rules, convincing women about what they needed, indeed should have to wear be seen as a respectable. It was enough to worry about flesh let alone the reasons behind everything. “We just wore them.”

corset 1940


(not my photos)






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