A Poem A Day. International Women’s Day

2013-06-26 20.41.30

An anthology of 27 poems , one a day, for IWD 2015                                            by Gillian Lawrence

                                                  1) The Darkness

The cow shed was swept overnight.

Where the brush strokes screamed the sand was lined and orderly

sometimes curved smoothed unruffled.

Shell-holes pink-rimmed from last moon’s uprising

followed each other across the flaking plaster

where cows had licked long tongues

craving for the moist and sweet dampness.

On the sill an old rag was crumpled

stiff in its new-washed state.


By noon the ground was red and mucus watery

reflecting a high and vicious sun.

Splats of blood had crashed into the dung-fed walls

under dirty windows opaque imprisoning holding.

The rag had swiped the gnashing knife twenty times

and lay abandoned where girl-child buttocks had flattened

and chafed on shared faecal-smeared cow-smelling fronds.

By evening between the soft lowing sounds of cattle

circumcised girls hummed in agony.





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