Kathy at the Posh Club @duckielondon


                  Not Crying in The Chapel
                    Last week a team from BBC Radio 4 came to Hackney, to Old Stokie aka Stoke Newington to find out what all the fuss was about regarding The Posh Club. On Saturday 14th February that feature was broadcast.
                    Duckie of London runs cabarets, and theatre experiences in London and the POSH Club is their adventure into entertainment for the ever-increasing population of Hackney seniors over and above 60 years of age.
                    The weekly tea, cake and entertainment afternoons are booked from now until March, unless one is very lucky; such is the popularity of a £3 a go afternoon of delight and community engagement. Try your luck at 02077374043
                    POSH Club takes place all March at St Paul’s Church, Amhurst Road every Wednesday from noon to 3pm.
                 Reviewed by young Kathy in Hackney
” Last week I was there! I knew about it through Up Your Street and the local paper, After the usual warm welcome by Simon, MC Dickie and the lovely team of volunteers, I took my place at the tea table and nibbled my way through the freshest sandwiches ever tasted and cups of tea galore. In keeping with the superb professional weekly stage line up, Anima a folk song harmony group came on followed by Franz Hepburn, a  bass-baritone singer who belted out songs from musicals. He brought the hall down with ‘Old Man River’ (Showboat) and ‘It’s a  Wonderful World’ (Louis Armstrong). Of course those of us in the know likened him to Paul Robeson. That was beautiful.
                  We’ve had Elvis in the house tickling our chins and crying over “Devil Woman”. ” Chinese Elvis” and “Black Elvis” on the forthcoming bills are about to be surprised themselves by a lively Hackney audience. We’ve had dancing bees and penguins and a crazy violinist. “It’s all in the best possible taste”.
                Everyone who comes enjoys POSH Club. By clever monitoring, a different audience comes each week to give all o.a.ps  a chance. We have to dress in our posh outfits so mostly wear sparkly tops and go as glam as possible. Duckie hopes to succeed with their funding application for a five year residency.  Everyone is very well looked after and made to feel special by all the staff who work so hard.  It’s a  great experience on our doorstep. ”

posh 1.png

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