No.14 Poems for International Women’s Day 2015

Island Wives

Grandmother was identified by that title

And all the cake baking, bread rising, butter churning, butter patting, wool carding, rhubarb jamming, bannock griddling, coal shovelling, pinny wearing, baby birthing, feather plucking, neck strangling, potato picking, rat-chasing, udder cleaning, Provi Man lending, tut tutting, kids today, skitter washing, fire drawing, kitten saving, grate polishing, fish drying, crab boiling, knuckle scrubbing, man obliging, period dripping, stove blacking, snow shovelling, duff mixing, cabbage stinking, sock darning, girdle hooking, ember poking, tea stewing, tear wiping, stiff upper lipping, bairn burying, opinion keeping, potato mashing, sobbing silently.

Was about being the Woman.


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