No. 20 of 27 Poems for International Women’s Day 2015

 Not Letting Go

I am spread-eagled on my settee

“A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing”

Beside me

Reminds me

I had a structure to this day off.

I am though wide legs awake

On my back


My face is unmade up.

There is no eyeliner gelling on my lids

Although I do love the application,

The roll over the bump

The slither sliding by my lashes

Defining and changing me

From wan Celtic Woman to notice me Monroe

The experimenting, the transforming

The routine. The hiding other me

The wannabe fit in, the bear to be seen

But today I am indoors me

My deep Shakespearian soliloquy

Of a reflective question is

Do I like it?

Do I like my naked face?


Only if I think

For one nanosecond

I’m on Belle front cover

Being Woman Celebrated

Au naturelle.

Do I like legs wide open?

Vagina whiffing

Moon Prince beckoning

Godward’s girls on couches

Lady Mucking?



My mother instructed

Close those legs

Douche that hole

Talc that thing

Knees pressed in together

You’re a Woman now.


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