No. 22 Poems for International Women’s Day


                                       Uplift Me

They told me the Day was to uplift


So out came a troupe of paid

Zumba instructors

With screechy voices

And bottoms wiggling and jiggling like jelly.


They told me that women and women could engage

In safe venues

So provided crèche and toddler activities

And herbal teas.

Out came the collage materials,

Smartly squared textile pieces

Pinking shears in pink

Sugar paper

and pictures of Rosie the Riveter

and someone black.



In the library session

Which was doubly rubber-stamped

and insisted upon

through earnest promotion

mums and daughters would bond

together applying make-up .



A pantomime.


Unfortunately due to costs

The FGM play is cancelled


                                                                                               3 mermaid

We will be screening safely Gone Girl

And Tai Chi sessions are free

Do you want to come?






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