No. 27 of 27 Poems for International Women’s Day 2015

The Crofter Wife 250613

 Twisted Respect

Older wife



I caught you in a half-smile

When foolishly

I asked

What you thought.


I’d gone into

Private territory

Where you offered


On anything

Reached the age of eighty

With not one


A feat.


I stretched across

Your scone-filled table

And wanted to know

If you ever

Smelt garlic

Tasted garam masala

Or knew of



On the quiz shows

You watch

They ask of these things

I wondered

If you

Could ever

Join in.


No opinions

Restricted taste buds

Whatever turns you on

Exactly when did someone

Decide for you

That music

Is island bound?


You are the rock

You have no faults

We all of us

Revere you

And hope

As time goes by

We never


Become you.

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