If You Were Here

If You Were Here   Canna 2  2012

If you were here

We’d spend my lottery win

We’d drive out to Westfield

Buy specialist £4 bread

And skip the light fandango.

We’d eat hammy paninis on stone boulders

outside the show of ‘Getty Images’.

I’d buy you a velvet cushion.

You’d say “Your dad wouldn’t like this”.

I’d question, “Do you, mum?”


We’d slide to the indoor market E15

And try on real leather moccasins.                                                                           auntie Joan

No synthetic for you, shoe-laces, velcro

Just something of class to last.

You’d throw away your old blue mack.

Sit royal: Assistants can pull from the rack

Something befitting your dignity

If you were here.


There’d be money to spare

You could demolish a giant Mars Bar

And buy dvds of John Wayne.

A gas-fire would overheat you, no slot-meters again.

You’d call a cab to take you to Tesco

Or across to the London Crem’

To lay down tears and flowers

In memory of dad. Amen.

They say money isn’t everything.

You say “That was lovely. Let’s do it again!”

If you were here to share my win.


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