Hackney Museum changes.

A great afternoon was had by Up Your Street subscribers who ate bakewell tarts and supped tea poured from a tea pot as they said goodbye to the community and education officer at Hackney Museum. She’s redundant.


Hackney Museum was one of the first hubs going back as far as eight years  which attracted seniors through a programme of projects relevant to their interests and purses. There was always something going on just as now.

Today we met other project leaders and exchanged business cards before moving on to The Ship, that weirdly shaped pub by the Hackney Empire. Joy from Words Of Colour was at the tea and Vicky from Board Games. We met Lucy from Hackney Circle and helped dear Linda put away the crockery at 5.30.

Back to Up Your Street business and I opened my laptop to read about a three day course next August all about the presentation of Hackney’s history from 1970 with special reference to Centerprise. Jan from Spitalfields alerted me to that. (Remember Up your Street is a sharing activity). And then in came Barbara from Islington with news of how seniors can earn megabucks by signing up to some filming with Barclays Bank. Not to be sniffed at.

New subscribers were signed in to Up Your Street on its fifth birthday and one left. We rise.


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