Re:present at Hackney Museum


hackney quilt

Re:present a group which meets I think at Hackney Museum celebrated

International Day of Happiness today

with cake and tea and the giving out of certificates for those people who’d been attending weekly. There were two reminiscence quilts to have a look at and other joyful tasks like questionnaires to fill in and time-lines.

Opened on a table were grips or  suitcases full of stuff from the fifties  representing lives so I saw old biscuit and chocolate tins, plastic bound stationery packs, cloth and patterns representing certain cultural areas and tools with no known names.  It was like looking at my mum’s wordly goods really. I do remember having a writing case though. I loved them.  They were like secret diaries because of the zip. There was also lots of plastic around then. We laughed at the old tins which could never pass as food containers in the UK now. They were embalmed in rust.

The people had to leave early to get to another freebie in Manor House. I believe the room was happy apart from moaning Minnie who just didn’t want vegetables or organic food. As long as it’s cooked and not moving, I’d say.


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