Like a counter tenor, me

messiah 3West Ham Parish Church  ( All Saints ) hosted a concert

given by the All Saints Chorus and Orchestra,  It was Handel’s “Messiah”. The musicians  are celebrating their twentieth year.

The church near to Stratford was packed, brightly lit and welcoming. It’s been renovated. It’s still a cold hole. Which church is warm? Are mosques traditionally drafty?messiah                                                                                 messiah 2

Surprised I was to see a pub credited on the programme supporting a choir and orchestra of oratorios. Even more surprised to see

Up Your Street seniors in the actual chorus line-up.

I saw the ever-common sight now of lady tenors dressed in braces and boots. I loved all the voices and am always mesmerised by counter-tenors. Today we had Paul Kusel-Baum.

The trumpet playing was superb and rousing like the overload of sopranos

What a fabulous one-off event. Twas brillig. Thank you for our tickets.

Bach and Mozart today Palm Sunday at St John at Jerusalem in Hackney. I know that church has powerful wall-heaters. We’ve put our clocks forward but I don’t feel the comforting breath of summer yet.


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