Eagles and sparrows

Ha ha ha. The Indian guy said it. He got up and said bankers are criminals and all this schmoozing on community engagement projects is a waste of time and we seniors don’t need it and that they should get on with their real jobs. Ooh! The producer called for claps and drew that presentation to a halt. The camera’s red light disappeared.

We continued listening to the other fifteen seniors singing praises for the hosts at our digital workshop. It was after a posh lunch so we were too relaxed to the point that one of us put forward his anti-bank views and others spotlighted their egos.

Before lunch with a choice of hake, steak or puff pastry under a bed of beetroot and goat’s cheese all being accompanied by oodles of salad and wedges we, a group of selected seniors, had worked on bargain websites with Barclay staff.

We learnt loads. Personally I was surprised that people of sixty and less had still not had the courage to tamper with tablets. They stated that they were scared to shop online, check journeys on websites, dabble into discount sites or use Facebook and Twitter.

So Indian man, whatever whoever they are, bankers or someone need to get out there and engage with seniors to bring them online. Seniors cannot be out in the cold. For sure they are not teaching themselves how to log on and get money off. Remember many are and Up Your Street is the only online service that states in its aims that it encourages seniors to be online, sharing, whether that be knowledge or events. There’s a global community online. Don’t let it be true that communities are constructed to keep people in and others out. It’ll be a topsy-turvy UK if that increasing senior population is the least internet savvy.

It was a great day in London town and I was paid.



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