Issue 15. Up Your Street

Tues 14th April £5 1.00-4.00pm. Tea dance at Old Town Hall, Adelaide Rd. Leyton. For that money I expect a china cup.

Wed 15th April  £4. 11 am  Empire Seniors film screening E17 in The Scene

“Birdman” (15) with tea and biscuits.

Thurs 16th April free Artist Michael Whelan’s exhibition of older people (75+) at The Mill, Coppermill Lane  E17. Drop in and be amazed.

Sat 18th April    free 10-4pm St John’s Church Broadway Stratford. Book in advance as

Iroko Theatre Company goes local to teach story-telling techniques as in Africa..

Sun 19th April  £9  5pm and 8pm Arcola Theatre Dalston E8  short plays. Tickets at Booking office. Margaret Perry showcases her play.

                                  free 3pm  British Museum preview of “Indigenous Australia ” with Rosetta Art Centre. (Clay sculpting students were offered. See Wed  22nd April re: over 60s treats)

indigenous_australia_464v2Credit British Museum photo.

                                          £6+  7 am Swimathon in Better pools

*Waltham Forest Walks’ takes place usually on Tuesdays and Sundays. The local walks are free, guided and very welcoming too. Please go to the web site for updates.*

Tues 21st April free  NOON Visit to Vestry House Museum and for the exhibition about Muslims in Waltham Forest  since 1950.Picnic in the garden. Bookings done.

 free    10-4.30pm Winns Gallery Lloyd Park until 26th April 2015

“Discover the rich heritage of Lloyd Park, through the creative interpretations of the Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage Over-50s Group.

Enjoy Lloyd Park seed giveaways, tree trail, sharing heritage film, old park photos and maps, poetry and much more.”

lPSH rags 2

Lloyd Park Sharing Heritage wall-hanging by RAGWORKS

Wed 22nd April free 10-1pm. Seniors clay sculpturing at Rosetta Art Centre

West Ham. Digital photography too. Phone for a place.

Fri 24th April free noon visit to Geffrye Museum and Gardens. Picnic too.

Bookings just completed.

                        free multiple times Brixton Reliance sound exhibition. Book at Eventbrite.

                        free 6.30-8pm Radio Art installed by mostly Up Your Streeters at

Tate Britain as the staff launch “Reclaim The Waves”.

The Centre for Better Health has free Shiatsu sessions on offer. CHeck at Eventbrite or phone them in Hackney. Thanks to Susan in Clapton for alerting us to the fact that the Centre has no apparent disabled person’s access points.

They do have £1 Sourdough sticks in the mornings from their Artisan Bakery by Hoxton Station.


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