Sarah Lawton’s Gestures and Mudras

Bank Holiday Monday’s workshop was a new drawing experience in the basement of the happening Rich Mix in Bethnal Green Road.

The whole area was heaving with young couples hanging out in posh caffs or on cobbled street corners. Just wonderful. I swear I was the only oldie pumping on the fair streets of London today but felt revived and comfortable because my workshop was intended for over 55s.

The facilitator welcomed us as we browsed an exhibition featuring saris printed over with drawings of dancers and hand- gestures, lino- cuts and lino-cut prints, dancers’ ankle- bells and other crowd pleasers. I was happy there weren’t any cushions or bean bags on the floor. The drawing and Mudras was for seniors, remember.

We drew each other’s hands in gestures of the Indian inspired dance using a gadget with a prism mirror. The instrument was an aid to getting the gesture through the fluid movement of drawing.

Exhausted by concentration, we moved on to printing with wooden blocks and ink.

There was even juice to liven up ourselves.

I suggested that Sarah get to The Mill in Walthamstow pronto to give the locals a taste of Mudras.

The workshop was indeed a pleasure. Sarah had researched the ways of textiling craftspeople in India before embarking on the gestures project with women at St Hilda’s Project in old Globe Town Tower Hamlets.. Craft is viewed as an avenue for well-being especially amongst the socially un- connected. So some say.

Any more sessions for free? you ask. Yes.
Check Gestures and Mudras at Eventbrite for June beginning. Wear a pinny.

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