After dark in a posh Hackney house

What an amazing event with
Up Your Street
tour fans and a welcoming knowledgeable tour guide at Sutton House’s free after-dark look about from basement to attic.

If ever you get a chance and have a fiver in your pocket, go to Sutton House and see the Armada window, the oldest toilet in east London and the well out back.

The once snooty white middle-class place has opened out to community groups i e the deprived . There’s a performance annexe and a quaint tea room as well as an outside art installation by play pits for kiddies. No noise after 7.

The great hall is magnificent but so is the kitchen and the staircases, the bricks, the doors! It’s surreal that such a preserved building is.
It’s refreshing to be greeted by a National Trust (England) manager who is passionate about a history.

I belonged to NT Scotland simply because I wanted to see a speaker and hear about Dr John Rae in London.  I’d already paid membership then was expected to pay for a dinner in order to enjoy the after-dinner speaker at an AGM. No chance. Oh boy! I had given to me a lecture about how Scottish people behave and how I was dealing with a charity. So?

So tonight was a treat.







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