Memories in a Garden

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden is bushy and buzzing and full of aromatic wood burning and sweet rain right now. It was Hackney@50’s port today when Parallel Radio’s staff set up to interview seniors and a teenager about Hackney in 1965 and its connection to today.

The whole reception area has its brick or wooden walls adorned with Machester African wax prints. That’s like me using a frock as a curtain.It is. Anyway putting that aside then sitting on settees covered in the stuff we seniors from Up Your Street were served tea and bespoke cake.

The interviewing table was set up covered in Ghanain cloth, a sound-mixer, and a laptop complete with music and presided over by its owner, Mr Newton Dunbar. Photographers were going crazy catching seniors at the mics, eating cake, chatting away or listening to our dear teenager, Dina .

People had vastly different stories about Hackney in 1965. Racism known then as colour prejudice was rife and encouraged, Hackney was trolley- bussed, Hoxton teenagers were gathering in caffs in Levi 501s and sex was loose and plenty. Poor Dina’s jaw was dropping then she told us how she and her friends meet in the park for fun and togetherness.

Memory Lane is an exhausting trip , sometimes a boring place. As I write The One Show is down Sally’s Ally for VE Day@70. More airings. Saturation point.




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