Doin’ our thing at Dilston Grove

Dilston Grove’s Seniors Art School is heads above all the other art workshops I experience and experienced.

It’s in a gorgeous setting in a room overlooking trees, grass and park-users. It’s bang right next door to an huge tall unused church which is stripped of all its religiousness . It’s a cold inviting shell but today we had a chance to wonder at its history, its wooden pulpit and octagonal wooden vestibule rafters.

Because in this architectural favourite of the month is an exhibition of interventions called “Between Thought And Space”. Now a month ago, I read the blurb, the artspeke and my days of trying to guess at the meaning of joined up writing are away with my past degrees and patience. I hadn’t a clue about what the art could be and knew somehow I’d get in free and see it all for myself and use my own words to de-mystify it.

it is awesome as in horribly good. At the workshop with nine of us we were comfortable enough to say what the pieces of art meant to us truthfully. All the time some bells or something akin were sounding and a red light glowed in the pulpit. On the roof was a projected pattern copying a stained glass window. There was so much more and a realization that a remnant of religion was nurtured. And there were blocks of earth too all to do with the neighbourhood just as were three fibre glass bomb shapes.

Actually around the neighbourhood church buildings are rare but pubs are evident and recorded in archives on dedicated websites. I need to research more about WW11 bombing around Surrey Docks.

To me Dilston Grove’s concrete church as it is is ugly. Our practical talk was to choose an area in the room or the exhibition or the kitchen then get something made drawn or said that fits through our intervention into that space…in this time. We went into the task guns a-blazing.

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