Mala muger

There were we in the heat of the day joined to Tottenham Art’s trip at the Courtauld Institute Gallery in Somerset House at The Strand. Just wonderful.

The City on the 55 bus route is empty at the weekend so I saw tree shadows and tweaked my head as blossom fluttered off the trees and onto the pavements. Fleet Street from the 76 bus was heaving. It was a very pleasant journey.

Goya was our flavour of the day with a never- before- viewed collection of his “Wicked Women” and “Black Book”. There were only two rooms and tiny framed drawings and prints. There was not a whiff of artspeke.

I felt that Dame Judi Dench reading “We are stuff as dreams are made of” on an advert with a woman floating on then falling from her air-born bed should have seeped through the air vents. Goya had gone to town etching on stone ugly gnarled naked baby-munching witches with all the connotations about leery sex and references to prostitutes and growing old disgracefully.

Many of us just loved a black ink scraped print of a bunch.of nasties sitting on a diseased old tree branch with a shrouded figure sitting up there addressing them. Mmm..witch lessons, methinks.

I was immersed in the distasteful but at the same time, sat on my grandmother’s lap hearing nursery stories full of witches and cruel women.


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