These Dangerous Women.

“These Dangerous Women” a booklet published by The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) came out today into libraries and community hubs.

As a participant in the Clapham Film Unit community heritage project and an author of two included essays I received my copy and pushed myself to read what I presume are essays straight off t’internet.

I used internet websites to compose my offerings and through the yawn-fest decided to pump it up a notch by asking questions about attitudes and putting in my own take on how a certain woman or certain women may have thought. Educated guesses.

The introduction includes a photograph of women who went to do research into a White women’s history via

Up Your Street

whose subscribers are diverse in ethnicity.

I credit Up Your Street here. The women who did come through Up Your Street and were thereafter called volunteers had little if any previous formal education in the Suffragette UK based movement. So everything to do with  the centenary of the Women’s Peace Movement was new territory. The photo serves a purpose.

So Clapham Film Unit had an Heritage Lottery Fund to mark the centenary of WILPF through the making of a film where senior and younger women fitted out in proper Edwardian gear re-enacted a journey to Tilbury Docks as was in 1915, and produced a booklet of biographies of women who were committed to peace written by twenty two volunteers.

We were given opportinities to edit the final draft. The front and back covers are lovely and the design of the booklet is clear. We went along to view the film which is superb in every way. That was at Friend’s House in Euston.

We had been invited to further our research in the LSE Library. My application was rejected. (Not bothered to investigate that one).


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