Ethan Gallery

E17 is just about to go into full swing at its Art Trail. This is massive. Last night there were launch events dotted all over the parish. I went to Pictorem in Hoe Street as the artist and admin officer at Rosetta Art centre in West Ham had invited his older people’s clay sculpting class. I in turn invited the world and her husband.

The Pictorem owners really did welcome us and the gallery was bursting with chatty artists and art lovers all tucking into Werther’s Originals as the sun moved across into evening. Meanwhile along the road a cyclist had been severely injured by a bus so sirens added to the distractions. (Anyone know that children’s book “Each Peach, Pear, Plum”? So Chekhovian. You know, someone’s trying to die then the phone rings).

After enjoying Hassan and Alison’s works in display a group of us clay students and partners went up the road to the Ethan Gallery where exhibited on white walls is my latest collection of acrylic on canvases entitled “At the Swim”.  Obviously “Cynthia Re-vitalised” and “Stefanie Hanging On” and all the other painted ladies are not seen by all and sundry as Ethan is in my home. It’s a pop-up gallery and I lifted the carpets and tasselled the curtains, banged nails into walls, curated my own work, provided wine and home-made samosas(not all Isosceles triangles), and we all chatted as friends and Art Trailers. wpid-2015-05-28-15.50.50-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-05-28-15.48.29-1.jpg.jpeg

Then at 11pm along came Pat of Nehru Gallery fame at our V&A visit where she’d guided us.  Oh my!  That Pat knows how to appreciate art having followed a two year course at Birkbeck. She also makes great Caribbean sarnis. I left her to analyse, compare and appreciate like a true Tim Marlow. My self-esteem was up on the picture rail.

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