Sunday Buzz

“Take me to church”. I don’t know what that song’s about but I do love it.

What buzzes on a Sunday? Well, Oxfam at St James’ end/village/quarter of E17 market is pretty busy and cheap. Never seen the like. Their message must be sell and get rid as stuff moves in. I bought American model buses for less than 50p each. If that were Sense, it’d be £1.99 each and broken as soon as you get in the door. And then, the over ground train from aforementioned James or St James Street Station to Liverpool Street. What a view of Leyton Marshes! A view! Must have been on ‘the triangle’ over there where I used to roam when the grass was up to your shoulders and loopies sat cross-legged chanting in the undergrowth and ‘conservation’ was akin to space age talk. I did that train ride once in the seventies when the train was full of young women off to the banks and offices around Liverpool Street, Different times, different world. So I will have to do that journey again as I felt I were in the plains of Holland or by Corot’s bridges and a windmill would have not been a surprise.

Found Commercial Street but could not find Christ Church E1. Foot sore and frustrated I finally got to behind Fournier Street as mentioned many a time by young IanVisits and reached the Marie Curie outside the door cake and tea do run by Jan of Spitalfields, dynamo in a pinny Jan, and her mate Jill, Jill of the beaten eggs and folded-in flour. What a venue! 1980 townhouses aka flats parked opposite C17th Huguenot pads.  Jan was fund-raising for Marie Curie and surpassed the predicted money target. I spilt a cup of tea on a visiting model who was on a camera shoot. Silly me.

Now in the morning, I’d gone to The Mill E17 for their community breakfast then had lemon curd cake and the rest at Jan’s and then along came Mr Ahmed from next door with a platter of freshly warm samosas for old me, the widow of the parish. “My kitchen” as Mary Katherine says “is clean.”

Twas a grand day and a mighty buzz..

Days later. That song is against the RC church as Channel 4 News told me.

Luisa Omielan

South Bank was hot and packed. Restaurant pavement seats were hard to get. Waiters were smiling imagining well-earned tips. I ate my mountain burger and we went into the Udderbelly compound. By 9pm we were all seated in a great homely intimate theatre space.

Music was loud and on the stage Luisa moved her body to the beats revving up a Friday party mood. Now this rude woman is at the beginning of her comedy career. Think dynamo in a silver mini -skirt. Think dangly silver earrings as big as space hoppers, voluptuous boobs, great legs and a massive brain which stores musical references, foul language, memories of depression, of sexual joy, of hateful comments and all these wrapped in leather-hard thick skin….under a roll-on.

Luisa is genius in the way she paces her show, meets the audience in shared experiences, exudes confidence and characters. Her message is “we can” and is aimed at sexually active women. She stumbles in rehearsed choreographed steps between depths of seriousness and observations about people and reaches heights of pure comedy in its delivery and timing. On the whole she is the actor on stage and we are her audience on the edge of our seats, cheering, whooping, clapping and laughing out loud. She has much to say about whoredom and depression, the male ego, and  the lack of self-esteem in a woman’s make-up. The audience will not be strangers to the sermon but it’s worth the lighten-up to get it rammed down our throats again and again until we diet no more, until we ignore the media pages about how we should be. Hollywood hype is her anathema. Her finale is stupendous.

Show us the pictures, Joe!

Aaarghhh more stuff going on under the title “art” despite people are supposed to be getting sick of all the exercises parading as art when in fact what’s there is spoken word and installations, sounds and crazy graffiti. Well that’s what an artist told me as she started off in concepts and realms of artspeke for dummies then proceeded down the same ‘Oxton path.

I told myself that I am fed up with having to “get it” rather than enjoy it. I told myself that I don’t want to be engaged in the art; I’d like to appreciate it and it doesn’t have to be with other people’s words either. I’m not in the mood to move my whole body to the sounds of vowels, lighthouse noises and cranes of heritage. I cannot insult Modigliani by “trying to do a drawing just like he does”. I do not want the rest of the sheepish group to applaud anything I do and then for me to explain my feelings about the concepts, the intangibles, the imagined. I do not want a piece of art to be a vehicle anymore.

It’s a fact that not every artist is a teacher and not every teacher of art is an artist. I am disturbed that people are employed as art and art and craft tutors (carefully chosen designated title) when in fact they are not in possession of any teaching certificate. Not least because there are plenty of well-trained bone fide art teachers who are unemployed in their field. It’s all about the money.

You wouldn’t expect to have your holiday plane piloted by a City and Guilds graduate would you? You were not expecting your doctor to be a drop out from medical college. Why would I be happy to be taught skills by just anybody? When, at what point, do craftspeople and painters call themselves artists let alone teachers?

“No. No. No!” says Mr Wolf.

Issue 25 . Up Your Street. July beginning.


Sat 27th June £12.10-10pm. Leytonstone School as was in Colworth Rd E11 Pagan Federation of London day of everything Pagan.

                                free  noon. Hermitage Community Moorings in Wapping. Cakes, river, books.(And on Sunday)

Thurs 2nd July free 6-8pm Oxford House . Bethnal Green Road near the station. A photographic exhibition of Aldgate East and wine. Pop by. Up Your street subscribers have done many courses and walks with the Oxford House team.

                               free 4-5pm children welcome. cakes! then for adults. Concert at St John at Jerusalem Hackney. No booking required.

Emma Dogliani, who often sings soprano solo with Festival Chorus is putting
a free concert with her group Three4 on Thursday 2nd July at St John
Jerusalem Church

Fri 3rd July       free 2-5pm  free Ally Pally i. e Alexander Palace N.22 World War 1 exhibition about the Palace’s role. (many many dates).

 free ” Due to the popularity of the  Jazz, Poetry & Storytelling event at last year’s Festival, we have been invited to do a repeat performance at – Tommy Flynn’s, 692 High Road, E 11 3AA,  8 pm : (3rd July)

Jane Grell, poetry, story and song, with audience participation
Leszek Kulaszewicz on saxophone
Stuart Brown on piano
 Alfonso ‘Nya’ Peters on drums – a welcome addition to our group.
You are cordially invited to this Free event and do bring along a friend/friends, for a joyous night out.”
Thanks to Fitzroy in Leyton for sharing.

Sun 5th July      free Whitechapel Walk. 11am Meet at Whitechapel Art Gallery next door to Aldgate East.

Thurs 9th July  free 10.30-12.30 .Canning Town library E14 (69 bus to door). Art workshop with artist Hassan Vawda of Rosetta Art Centre. No need to book or bring pencils or even                experience. Cuppa too.

                                free Oxford House dance workshop for seniors. You need to book at Green Candle, Oxford House, Bethnal Green

Fri 10th July      free 2pm Rosetta Open Studios at Hamilton Rd West Ham

                                free 6-8pm Oxford House dance show. You must book as for 9th July.

Love this

Education/Residencies/Exhibitions/Publications/Awards/Work History

Hassan paints & Hassan writes & Hassan learns & Hassan films & Hassan pains & Hassan fights & Hassan burns & Hassan spins & Hassan’s a poet & Hassan’s a prick & Hassan’s a moron & Hassan’s an ant & Hassan’s a bullet & Hassan’s a Kubrick & Hassan’s a thorn & Hassan’s a plant & Hassan has arrogance & Hassan has privilege & Hassan has sacrificed & Hassan has luck & Hassan has chance & Hassan has village & Hassan has identified & Hassan has muck & Hassan’s alone & Hassan’s happy & Hassan’s sad & Hassan’s nervous & Hassan’s grown & Hassan’s soapy & Hassan’s mad & Hassan’s obnoxious & Hassan has dreams & Hassan has things & Hassan has taste & Hassan has regret & Hassan has Queens & Hassan has Kings & Hassan has traced & Hassan has regressed & Hassan’s a Muslim & Hassan’s a sinner & Hassan’s a fraud & Hassan’s a carer & Hassan’s a victim & Hassan’s a winner & Hassan’s a lord & Hassan’s a starer & Hassan thinks he paints & Hassan thinks he writes & Hassan thinks he learns & Hassan thinks he films.



Issue 24. Up Your Street

Tues 23rd June free (as a member of the Stuart Low Trust which is free to join) A Modigliani workshop for two hours at Estorick Gallery in posh Islington. 12.30 refreshments 1-3pm work.

Thurs 25th June free 10-1pm beading with textiles jewellery with Brenda Coyle at St. Margaret’s House. (see Monday). Drop in.

Fri 26th June free 10.30-12.30 with refreshments and biscuits baked by yours truly. Come to St Margaret’s Gallery Café Bethnal Green for ‘relaxation through art’ with Brenda Coyle. You must book for a place.

free 5pm Meet at V&A Cromwell Road up South Kensington  and quote entry code “Parallel Radio” for a two hour tour then a live radio experience with a local Hackney radio project coming out of Open School East in De Beauvoir, Hackney.

Sun 28th June free 11.30 Community Breakfast. Bring a croissant or two to share. Come and join even if you’re fasting. The Mill E17

Mon 29th June free 10-1pm.Crafting workshop i e knitting, quilts, fabrics at St Margaret’s Create place off Old Ford Road. Just by Bethnal Green Station. Recognise it by the smell of onions on vegan pastries


A dose of art

Had my second dose of intellectualised art in a brainstorming session/workshop with an artist. Let’s be quite clear that most people around the table hadn’t a clue because the talking of art is a learnt skill and all tied up with references and experience, class and need. We might as well have tried to analyse a T.S. Eliot poem. We cocked our ears and listened intently to each other although  we relied on the artist to spill the beans. I switched off at the 90 minute mark. We don’t know if we’re students, artists or co-workers; depends who’s promoting. There is no chance that each person around the table is an artist. It’s as though someone painted a picture therefore they are an artist: An artist painted a picture therefore they are a teacher. Not so. We are all at very different times in our being an artist. We are at different stages in knowing the vocabulary of art appreciation and art doing. We can not come together on an artist’s precious vision when we have yet to come together through our experiences.

We came together to contribute to an artist’s project. There is no payment. We began as four and expanded by strange means to eleven. Our only tools are our self-examinations and shared words.

Still not impressed.

Mary Katherine presents


Mary Katherine is 72 years old and manages and presents a weekly magazine programme at East London Radio which targets seniors as it online audience. She plays music from the 1940’s, ’50s ’60s mainly but not exclusively because there will be repeats of Joan Armatrading and Adele. Listeners can text or email in and they do. Danny of Hackney Wick always wants Elvis whereas Mary in Chingford wants any Val Doonican.  Mary Katherine obliges with her producers lining up the golden oldies.mary 3music27

As Up Your Street gets out and about so I am able to supply a true mixture of the type of personalities doin’ their thing  representing what’s out there to become Mary Katherine’s guests on a  twenty minute slot at noon on Thurdays


On the 18th June it’s show time for local Walthamstow artist Hassan Vawda. His work recently featured in the front window and beyond at Pictorem Gallery Hoe Street E17 (but nearer E10) as part of the E17 Art Trail 2015. By day he sorts out students at Rosetta Art Centre in West Ham and facilitates art workshops with passion.