Exposed! Artspeke, you have had your day.

WE are on the cusp, on the teetering cusp of a  shift in the arty farty all things pass as art decade.

That’s how it felt at Rosetta Art Centre last night in West Ham.

We, Jill Public and students at RAC, were invited along to a conceptual art Skyping workshop with artist Angela Lyn. Totally no relevance for her to be described as “Anglo-Chinese” unless West Ham hasn’t experienced multi-ethnicity because Anglo- Chinese or Anglo-Alien has no bearing on the outlined art project about space.

There’s a thing going on in E17 where fruit fall is made into jam and chutney with the help of community members. That is hard work, standing up chopping fruit and stirring for hours. The preserves will be sold. The jam jar labels will bear the project’s name. The workers’ help and names will be forgotten. Artist Angela Lyn is about to rely on four adults from West Ham to enjoy and share an art project. (From other places musicians and dancers will participate.)

“Do we come in as artists equal to you  or as led peeps?”

The answer is “We are co-workers”.

Art therapy may come in handy soon. Lyn’s project will be in , no, guess, no go on….Shoreditch where artspeke  and crazy don’t question why art goes on display. Lyn’s project is against all that is nonsensical and hip in art. So why Shoreditch? Smelling salts or felt-tips to the ready.


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