A dose of art

Had my second dose of intellectualised art in a brainstorming session/workshop with an artist. Let’s be quite clear that most people around the table hadn’t a clue because the talking of art is a learnt skill and all tied up with references and experience, class and need. We might as well have tried to analyse a T.S. Eliot poem. We cocked our ears and listened intently to each other although  we relied on the artist to spill the beans. I switched off at the 90 minute mark. We don’t know if we’re students, artists or co-workers; depends who’s promoting. There is no chance that each person around the table is an artist. It’s as though someone painted a picture therefore they are an artist: An artist painted a picture therefore they are a teacher. Not so. We are all at very different times in our being an artist. We are at different stages in knowing the vocabulary of art appreciation and art doing. We can not come together on an artist’s precious vision when we have yet to come together through our experiences.

We came together to contribute to an artist’s project. There is no payment. We began as four and expanded by strange means to eleven. Our only tools are our self-examinations and shared words.

Still not impressed.


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