Show us the pictures, Joe!

Aaarghhh more stuff going on under the title “art” despite people are supposed to be getting sick of all the exercises parading as art when in fact what’s there is spoken word and installations, sounds and crazy graffiti. Well that’s what an artist told me as she started off in concepts and realms of artspeke for dummies then proceeded down the same ‘Oxton path.

I told myself that I am fed up with having to “get it” rather than enjoy it. I told myself that I don’t want to be engaged in the art; I’d like to appreciate it and it doesn’t have to be with other people’s words either. I’m not in the mood to move my whole body to the sounds of vowels, lighthouse noises and cranes of heritage. I cannot insult Modigliani by “trying to do a drawing just like he does”. I do not want the rest of the sheepish group to applaud anything I do and then for me to explain my feelings about the concepts, the intangibles, the imagined. I do not want a piece of art to be a vehicle anymore.

It’s a fact that not every artist is a teacher and not every teacher of art is an artist. I am disturbed that people are employed as art and art and craft tutors (carefully chosen designated title) when in fact they are not in possession of any teaching certificate. Not least because there are plenty of well-trained bone fide art teachers who are unemployed in their field. It’s all about the money.

You wouldn’t expect to have your holiday plane piloted by a City and Guilds graduate would you? You were not expecting your doctor to be a drop out from medical college. Why would I be happy to be taught skills by just anybody? When, at what point, do craftspeople and painters call themselves artists let alone teachers?

“No. No. No!” says Mr Wolf.


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