Sunday Buzz

“Take me to church”. I don’t know what that song’s about but I do love it.

What buzzes on a Sunday? Well, Oxfam at St James’ end/village/quarter of E17 market is pretty busy and cheap. Never seen the like. Their message must be sell and get rid as stuff moves in. I bought American model buses for less than 50p each. If that were Sense, it’d be £1.99 each and broken as soon as you get in the door. And then, the over ground train from aforementioned James or St James Street Station to Liverpool Street. What a view of Leyton Marshes! A view! Must have been on ‘the triangle’ over there where I used to roam when the grass was up to your shoulders and loopies sat cross-legged chanting in the undergrowth and ‘conservation’ was akin to space age talk. I did that train ride once in the seventies when the train was full of young women off to the banks and offices around Liverpool Street, Different times, different world. So I will have to do that journey again as I felt I were in the plains of Holland or by Corot’s bridges and a windmill would have not been a surprise.

Found Commercial Street but could not find Christ Church E1. Foot sore and frustrated I finally got to behind Fournier Street as mentioned many a time by young IanVisits and reached the Marie Curie outside the door cake and tea do run by Jan of Spitalfields, dynamo in a pinny Jan, and her mate Jill, Jill of the beaten eggs and folded-in flour. What a venue! 1980 townhouses aka flats parked opposite C17th Huguenot pads.  Jan was fund-raising for Marie Curie and surpassed the predicted money target. I spilt a cup of tea on a visiting model who was on a camera shoot. Silly me.

Now in the morning, I’d gone to The Mill E17 for their community breakfast then had lemon curd cake and the rest at Jan’s and then along came Mr Ahmed from next door with a platter of freshly warm samosas for old me, the widow of the parish. “My kitchen” as Mary Katherine says “is clean.”

Twas a grand day and a mighty buzz..

Days later. That song is against the RC church as Channel 4 News told me.


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