Vintage Mosaic

Just watching again Verdi’s Messa da Requiem on rubbish new  SkyArts

“From Venice’s Basilica di San Marco, Lorin Mazaal conducts the Symphonica Toscanini, the Coro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and soloists Anna Smirnova, Francesco Meli, Norma Fantini and Rafal Siwek in a performance of one of music’s greatest choral works.”

Gorgeous it is. The footage includes photos of the mosaics. And that reminded me to check the mobile phone photos I took today of my neighbour’s front footpath whilst the sweet summer rain was falling after our tropical London week.. The newbies haven’t moved in yet because of some manhole palaver, and the burglars have given up. I am sad that the bulldozers will take up the pavement of yore to install the parking lot. I am brave enough to beg for the paving stones.657

657 mosais657 again

Now I’m going to surmise that there was a bulk manufacturing of pre-cast paving stones in the sixties and the house owners then would have afforded to splash out on fashionable frontage. Could be wrong but then these houses were immense. Some are called villas and are just full of rooms and now look dishevelled and neglected, abandoned and ugly. Have you been up Lea Bridge Road? It doesn’t court interest because it’s at the back entrance of Walthamstow Village where even a Spar gets favours. Spar! Remember Kwiksave?

I will  ask David Boote; he’ll know because so far Internet is showing me nothing except photos I took a couple of years ago of similar properties i. e.  E17 Village. Any ideas?

P.S. I already have a sorry-looking hydrangea from the property. All kosher. I have my eye on other sprouting greenery before their mum or the builders pull it up. Scavenger me. Recycler queen.

Back in the room.. “Black Work” soon. Yay


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