Savage Beauty

How I love this exhibition.

Savage Beauty

I love the content, the lay-out, the production, the use of the olde worlde space, the ushers, the frenzy and the passion.

Today I went with younger people (40 somethings) to see Alexander McQueen’s exhibition at the V&A Museum. I offer that information because there is a difference between seeing something alone, together, in a darkened room, with the lights on etc etc. Such an eighties thing to say because in those days clever people analysed VHS video showing all the time but it holds true. If I’m with younger people I walk differently so maybe just maybe I see differently.

I was proud  as though I’d curated the whole show. You see, I’d been before with my

Up Your Street

community group for free. When I was asked today, “Is this the last room?” I laughed like a Downton matron and said

“No. No. More treats to come. Feast your eyes and savour every sight. Stand and turn. Never leave the room facing forward.  Turn on your heel. Miss nothing.”

I became their guide for a while.

I love black lace on tartan, razor shells, clever screening, innovative displays, old video fashion footage, voyeurs moving at snail’s space sensing others around them but not engaging, my free tickets, knowing McQueen was at Rosetta in West Ham for a blink, and inspiration for my acrylic paintings.



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