Smash Hit. #MAFF

#MAFF is under way. The Maya Angelou Film Festival with Black History Studies.wpid-2015-08-06-18.24.49.jpg.jpeg

We impressed the child who looked at me and boldly asked “Do you like Maya Angelou?”  I replied to the child, the daughter of our hosts:-

“We saw her in London. At Sadlers Wells years ago before you came down from the stars”.

That was the evening I could not sit in my seat. I have my mother’s hips and Sadlers Wells seats get less ample nearer the gods. The next day the manager measured the seats for me and proved it.

We had been to Liverpool with Black History Studies years ago, by minibus, for a tour of the Slavery Exhibition at Liverpool’s dockside Museum. It was just great and friendly and we were small in number. We watched films on board and came home in the soaking rain.

Today Empress Ria led us through projected slides all about Angelou’s life which was sent to defeat her but never did. Our speaker could not have known her audience but pitched well, sometimes questioning we adults like a Pentacostal minister does, but mostly keeping it light and now and again nodding at the audience members not in African prints. She was excellent. She delivered with passion and knowledge. She read Angelou’s poems properly and carried us along on the pauses and giggles.


The Festival continues.

I only felt cheated when women were scoffing patties from across the road. We’d had a Kit Kat. Hardly the same. You see at the flicks, you can eat. It’s not the theatre.

That Marcus Garvey Library is about to be renovated. No. Lies, lies, lies. It’ll be halved.

I learnt that Empress Ria agrees with me and Basil Berstein that “education cannot compensate for society”, “that school is just a surrogate and the African-Caribbean folk in the audience don’t need surrogates. They are the teachers of their children, first and foremost. They can teach their children and the community’s children about their heritage.”

I agreed that Black History month is just not an October thing. “Which other culture does the whole heritage and be proud thing in one month?”


wpid-2015-08-06-20.45.00.jpg.jpegPhillip Lane glows.


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