Lost Monkey Found

Ah, that long 69 bus ride. I travelled with older people who remembered Rathbone Market back in the day and lamented its passing.

From the bus stop I saw Lewis the artist at his mural decorating a massive building site hoarding, even through my free Heart sunglasses which were given to me as soon as I entered the square. That artist is just about the nicest unpretentious  artist I’ve met since Mudras with Sarah Lawton. Oh , not forgetting Hassan Vawda of E17. No more necessary to say so here are the pics.wpid-2015-08-09-12.54.17.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-12.54.30.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-12.53.55.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-12.54.05.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-12.56.06.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-14.38.22.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-12.58.09.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-12.53.32.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-08-09-12.53.36.jpg.jpeg



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