Streetwise in Whitechapel.

Well, I made it. I was patient as the 56 crawled up congested Lea Bridge Road where one in three cars does a U Turn, frustrated that  Copeland Road is no entry, Poplar is one way, and added to those Merton and Fraser are also one way now. Leyton finally cut itself off from the hallowed Walthamstow Village where car is a dirty word. Spar doesn’t get their bacon jam delivered by bike surely.

Then the fabulous 106 into Whitechapel and the sprawling crazy colourful smiling Whitechapel Market.

The drama group was not a crowd of us but hey the friendliness and the “we’re just waiting for some snacks to come up” told me to stay. I was ready to explore the ways east London is changing in terms of people settling here/there. Like I didn’t know.

shangaratiphoto credit. M. Ahmedullah

Two hours of Brian Way’s 1970 drama and improvisation. Don’t see that in schools nowadays.



Saturday 8, 15, 22, and 29 August 2015, 2-4pm, Lab 1a, Idea Store Whitechapel

The workshops are undertaken by director/writer Hussain Ismail, with support from Rez Kabir (actor and story teller), who will explore in a series of workshops how our neighbourhoods have changed over the years.

If you live in London, especially East London, neighbourhoods have changed rapidly and in some cases are unrecognisable from just a few years ago. These experiences will be shaped and written into a story and theatrical script.

The participants will rehearse the piece so that they can perform it on Saturday 14 November 2015 (more details will be provided in due course).

We participants  utilise our creative imagination through the development of ideas and the final story in script form. Communication skills – acting, voice projection and focus – will help develop participants’ performance abilities and increase their confidence in front of an audience.


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