Celebrating fishy friends

The wine flowed, the crisps were crunched and the room was airless and overcrowded with people from Up Your Street supporting the Claremont “Celebrating Friendship” art exhibition. I lie. Our people from Leyton, ‘Oxton and beyond were there to appreciate and like my own “At The Swim ” oils on canvases.


Darling Stephen passed me an envelope of acrylic paints for me to get on with some more painting. Way to a girl’s  heart. Anna and Sally fresh from Cass Art led the way up the stairs and to “The Two Fishes” by Linda.  Pat was enthralled by Charles’ “The Tree of Life”. We all loved Karen Holden’s  “Shoulder-Muff.” and sat her down with a Cadbury’s tray of chocs to ask her about the cat in the picture. All artists we.


It was a great afternoon, catching up with the literati at Claremont. Moses went and Charles decided to tell us how in the order of life there’s God then man and lastly, woman. Yawn. Cosy art exhibition.

Then the fish ‘n’ chips up in Chapel Street Market. Cod as big as your hand and chips as fresh as an allotment potato. Talks of Hepburn, Maxine Peake, Welsh people being at one with death, Cumberbatch, art in Forest gate and Wapping by sunlight. At 7pm we oldies passed the young set sat on the pavement chairs supping whatever workers sup. The Big Issue guy who liked my yellow Marco C. scarf had long gone with all the mums in hijabs  and their kiddies who had crowded out McDonalds at 4pm.

“Celebrating Friendship” continues until mid-November. Lucky we.


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