The Mill’s Mo

The Mill E17 art management team people  led by Mo have excelled themselves in the organisation of an event in October featuring Grayson Perry.  One hundred original artworks by local artists, amateur and professional, in the shadow of those greats including Grayson Perry,  who have also submitted postcard treasures, are up for display and raffling. Imagine.

The planning of the task of persuading artists to do their thing small-scale and on time and then the securing of top names is mammoth remembering that The Mill is run on goodwill and volunteering.

Then the selling of raffle tickets. Hooray for PayPal. Some of the proceeds will go to uplift The Mill and boost its funds whilst the rest will be divided into one night’s bed and board for some homeless locals. Big asks when people are already forking out money for new school uniforms and Calais’ new population.

Today apples were everywhere at The Mill. Another scrumptious event; Apple  Day to cool and sweeten the load of Madras dishes scoffed over Eid.

Just join in I say.

Christian Hook and SkyArts found its MOJO

16 October – 31st October 2015 (I can’t fathom out the cost to view)

A Private View with Christian Hook


Clarendon Fine Art is pleased to announce a highly anticipated exhibition of new works by Christian Hook.

Christian has been the recipient of numerous coveted awards including the 2014 Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, and is the subject of the current Sky Arts documentary series, Painting. 

His work is included in numerous important collections including the British Royal family

The Pamper Shop at Up Your Street

excel 2015

  1. Thurs 1st Oct £25 for some weeks. 2.30-4pm

1a Darnley Road  Hackney. Learning how to apply Indian Head Massage . Centre for Better Health. Hackney.cbh

2) Venus hair and nails. Walthamstow Village gets coffee shops and boutiques. Lea Bridge Road, Leyton E10 gets all the Arctics and JCBs,  unsmiling nail shops and badly promoted hair shops. Meanwhile for £6 a  lady can get a haircut at the newly opened, garish shop next to the closed down pound shop , view art at the same time and be mesmerised by the owner’s wig or weave.

3) Roses chocolates at Tesco for £2 instead of £4. Okay what they say is the healthy option (Whatever makes you feel good0)…..Bananas at Iceland for 68p a bunch.

There but for fortune….

I wonder if the refugees have organised themselves,  for example, do the people still pray five times a day if they are Moslem? Are there any Syrian women organising things like toilet organising, nappy disposal or are men running things? Just wondering. Is there any bullying going on? Do men get the food first? On the news I rarely see adolescent girls. Where are they?

It was cold in London at 8.30pm and I thought of  the refugees  freezing and  then the  image of frozen  to the  bone  kiddies being  wrapped in  foil and carried off  the boats. How must the camps stink what with human bodies unwashed maybe and the smell of bonfires.

How traumatised are parents and siblings who’ve lost children from the family?

What’s Assad considering?

Pop Art

Tate Modern in the rain and we teachers ‘ guests were treated to an evening of a welcome wine, ten minute guided walks and talks and displays all to do with the beautifully curated (could still smell the fresh wall paint) exhibition about 1970 and thereabouts pop art.

So boring.

A market researcher caught me before I escaped and my main offence was not being stunned into a state of awe by any of the works. I did suggest to her young self that we oldies are saturated with art combined with anything so soundscapes, autism-friendly art, art and rented housing, art and emerging cities: It’s everywhere and then the artspeke decorated  exhibitions all over the east end. So we are used to seeing stuff to shock and please.

Ain’t no journalist so can say I will not waste any words on what I went to tonight.

Up Your Street subscribers are reporting back goodness in the shape of the Celtic exhibition at the British Museum, the China design at Rouge, the metal point exhibition preview at the British Museum through UCL, a cheap opera last Saturday  through Free Space Gallery and of course all these marvellous things are outwith Up Your Street’s catchment area in the main.

Issue 33. Up Your Street

Sat 19th Sep free 11-1pm walk on the wild side with LBWF to get an overview of Mini-Holland from Lammas Rd to Bakers Arms. (Spot the bikes).

                         free 5pm-9pm  Maya Angelou Film Festival “Down In the Delta” with Black History Studies at St Ann’s Library N15. Expect kiddies and the wafting aroma of Jamaica patties.

                          £7                              7pm Fish n chips and bingo with WF Disability Resource Centre

Sun 20th Sep free  11-1pm as Saturday above but from Bakers to Wood Street

Mon 21st Sep £5 6.30pm Some teachers at Up Your Street off to see the Tate Pop Art. “They were there“.   !!!!

 Fri 25th Sep free Ceramic expo at Geffrye Museum until 27th September.

Sat 26th Sep free 3pm-7pm  Maya Angelou Film Festival event in Tottenham St Ann’s Library. “Jump At the Sun” presented by  Black History Studies. Real down to earth community welcome and atmosphere. All welcome as always. From 3pm there’s a story telling Workshop with Griot Chinyere. All info is at Eventbrite where tickets are sold out but hey try your luck by going there.

Wed 30th Sep £5 tea dance Waltham Forest with Mr Wonderful at old Town hall Leyton by Library.

free 1pm Whitechapel Community open to all event. Meet people who’ve attended community group sessions at the Gallery and mingle amongst exhibitions.

Thurs 1st Oct free “African Threads Hackney Style” at Hackney Museum ( tbc)

                          free (we think) “Building Site” an art exhibition by Angela Lyn in New Inn Yard Shoreditch in which four Up Your Streeters  participated. Yes we did. We are Sue, Gillian, Anna and Suteria.


                             free  6pm. Ideas Store Whitechapel  E1 Artist installation and launch of Art of Ageing (tell us about it).

Raku ceramics is on show now at The Humble Gallery in Rosetta. Work by; Su Leaver, Roger Sanna, Linda Gomez, Tiki Bush, Frank Jennings, Brigitte Colleaux, Monika Laskowska and David Allies-Curtis.

The pieces are inspired by the location of Cody Dock, the site that the group made a raku kiln and fired these works. If you want to try your hand at the Japanese firing technique of raku, come along on Saturday 3rd October 11am – 4pm at Cody Dock, where there will be demonstrations of the raku kiln along with free ceramics workshops.

Mon 5th Oct free 1.30-3.30pm Basic IT  (5 weeks of finger-tapping) at WHDRC (See  next entry)

Wed  7th Oct free  11-1pm Card making at Waltham Forest Disability Resource Centre off Crownfield Rd E15   (five weeks of loveliness and glitter).

Thurs 8th Oct  free poetry evening LBWF

                               free 10.30-noon,Canning Town Library , adventures in art managed by artist Hassan Vawda. Always good. Cuppa too. Welcoming staff.

  Tues 13th Oct  free (Second Tues of the month) 1-3pm Significant Seams E17 and neighbourly knitting Pimp Hall Chingford E4.



1)Textiles on a roll. Textile/ material sale always in Burwell Road E10 opposite Roma House. Not sure of opening times but worth a peek.

2) This was in the Metro 17th Sep. Schweet. Leyton in love I think.


3) Years ago Sue and I and a crowd of Up Your Streeters went to Songololo-Feet in Hackney for printing workshops. Sue treasured her treasures and made me a crochet bucket bag. Look at that lining!wpid-2015-09-16-12.38.20.jpg.jpeg

4) Two great community art exhibitions coming up in October at The Mill E17. I will alert you.

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Songololo-Feet re-surfaced.

Days age when sex-workers could work safely in Soho and Mini-Holland was double-dutch, a crowd of Up Your Street people went to free screen-silk printing (FREE!!!) at Songololo-Feet in Hackney. Today I received my birthday present from Sue who’d incorporated her block print into a gorgeous hand-made crochet bag (or is it knitting?). Learnt skills, learnt skills.

wpid-2015-09-16-12.38.20.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-09-16-12.38.27.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-09-16-12.38.33.jpg.jpeg