Pop Art

Tate Modern in the rain and we teachers ‘ guests were treated to an evening of a welcome wine, ten minute guided walks and talks and displays all to do with the beautifully curated (could still smell the fresh wall paint) exhibition about 1970 and thereabouts pop art.

So boring.

A market researcher caught me before I escaped and my main offence was not being stunned into a state of awe by any of the works. I did suggest to her young self that we oldies are saturated with art combined with anything so soundscapes, autism-friendly art, art and rented housing, art and emerging cities: It’s everywhere and then the artspeke decorated  exhibitions all over the east end. So we are used to seeing stuff to shock and please.

Ain’t no journalist so can say I will not waste any words on what I went to tonight.

Up Your Street subscribers are reporting back goodness in the shape of the Celtic exhibition at the British Museum, the China design at Rouge, the metal point exhibition preview at the British Museum through UCL, a cheap opera last Saturday  through Free Space Gallery and of course all these marvellous things are outwith Up Your Street’s catchment area in the main.


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