The Mill’s Mo

The Mill E17 art management team people  led by Mo have excelled themselves in the organisation of an event in October featuring Grayson Perry.  One hundred original artworks by local artists, amateur and professional, in the shadow of those greats including Grayson Perry,  who have also submitted postcard treasures, are up for display and raffling. Imagine.

The planning of the task of persuading artists to do their thing small-scale and on time and then the securing of top names is mammoth remembering that The Mill is run on goodwill and volunteering.

Then the selling of raffle tickets. Hooray for PayPal. Some of the proceeds will go to uplift The Mill and boost its funds whilst the rest will be divided into one night’s bed and board for some homeless locals. Big asks when people are already forking out money for new school uniforms and Calais’ new population.

Today apples were everywhere at The Mill. Another scrumptious event; Apple  Day to cool and sweeten the load of Madras dishes scoffed over Eid.

Just join in I say.


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