The language of art

Now I consider myself literate. I did struggle with “Smash Hits” but that was because they put red text onto orange wallpaper. I never even used The Sun for chip paper. And I like a challenge, me.

As I came away from the dreadful Pop Art show at Tate,  I picked up a publication sat there on the help yourself table. I opened it on the bus. Didn’t get it. I picked up The Evening Standard instead and when I reached home I put the aforementioned booklet on my pile of “Read later”.

Well, I did. Yesterday at midnight after finishing my acrylic on canvas painting called “Calais 031015” depicting a New Population Calais family in front of their caravan I explored the artspeke in a publication by  The Schools and Teachers Team at  Tate knowing full well I’d have to open my mind and think outside the box. Easy task; I went to see “Building Site” by Angela Lyn.

Just reading  article by Rosanna McLaughlin about Tate Modern and how it’s not just about seeing art but it’s about people seeing each other, joining in discussions and the rest. Called “Sons of Bitches” that one. The booklet is called PG3 but it’s the printing that’s irksome. It’s “Smash Hits” all over again.

Back in the room, back to the struggle.


One thought on “The language of art

  1. trebor October 4, 2015 / 4:26 pm

    Not really sure what your point is! I went to see the exhibition and it is superb. The technical standard of the paintings is amazing. The builder painting is highly kinetic especially with the accompanying music as played at the opening. The cedar tree paintings! Terrific!

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