Up to here in Art.

I have just finished the last miniature acrylic on canvas outpouring about the crisis in The Jungle in Calais. My paintings are my emotional response to the terrible lives being smashed in the refugee camps. I am fortunate to respond at my leisure but I have been practical too by driving donations to collection hubs and sourcing good men’s shoes that I could afford.

The paintings are to sell at £1 each in a fundraiser tomorrow. I’ll sell postcards too of my series “Save Our Souls” depicting a family group reaching Calais and a Syrian man hollering having dug out his son from the rocks after a bombing by Putin’s lot. And there’s another one all about people arriving in Lesbos in the black rubber dinghies. Orange and blue are the colours we see on Facebook and the now scarce telly news footage.

And while I was low on other people’s misery other art had to be attended to what with exhibitions all over the place and art being the community engagement trend especially for older people. Imagine. The Mill E17 is celebrating a successful exhibition featuring me and Grayson Perry and other lovely artists of course. Coming up is “Transform” at the very same Mill.

October is full of activities and whatnot; art workshops, talks about art, heritage events and then of course, it’s Black History Month. Hackney Museum is rated highly with its exhibition about African design and printing manufacture.

Me. I’m off to Goya.


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