What do I know?

The Refugee Crisis continues with boats arriving in Lesbos every hour and walkers reaching Calais’ The Jungle every day too.

This is what I know. There are energetic driven younger than me UK people organised into regional groups and coordinating themselves to get stuff onto pallets with DHL to get transported out to Calais. There are clever people out in Calais building houses and making stews for people from the Calais Kitchen and shopping in Calais town. There are parents in Essex collecting donations and filling up a convoy to go to Calais again. The Kent police are being great. People are building indoor stoves. Others are organising activities for children in The Jungle. The refugees need thermal underwear and strong shoes. The women don’t use tampons.

Church people in east London are raising funds through jumble sales and church meetings. Turkish fishermen are picking up Syrians out of their dinghies and getting them to safe shores and repeating that every two hours.

Belgradians are giving donations. I sold original art work in aid of caravans for refugees rather than tents. My contribution is a dot and I am in awe at the way things are being moved along and joined up by the people I only know about on Face Book. I am disgusted that some people couldn’t care a toss about the plight of what they smell as ISIS supporters. What can I do about that? Meanwhile I am unable to do or give more except share what’s going on and be alert to the situation in Calais and everywhere without Channel 4 News’ help.wpid-2015-10-03-17.30.55-1-1.jpg.jpeg


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