Community Centre Or Posh Flats?

so that’s what that building was.

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In east London battle lines have been drawn between two groups – one motivated by rapacious profit the other by public interest – over the future of a historic building on the banks of the River Lea. PETER FROST knows whose side he’s on

In Hackney, east London, where the Lea Bridge Road crosses the river there is a place called Paradise Park. Here today a dedicated group of local people are fighting to preserve a tiny but wonderful building.

The Clapton Arts Trust wants to convert the pretty Victorian schoolhouse into a valuable cultural facility for the local community. It is proving to be a hard struggle but it’s one they are determined to win.

Today the schoolhouse is cocooned in bright canary-yellow plywood shuttering but you can just catch tantalising glimpses of its Kentish ragstone walls, mullioned windows and spectacular chimneys through the gaps in the shuttering.


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